Thought About Starting A Business...
...With Your Kids, But You Don't Know Where To Start??
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Raising Kids Who Are... 


Rather Than Entitled or Spoiled

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Bring Your Family Into "The Innovation Age"
Raise children who are money-smart before it is too late!

Make learning about money-management and entrepreneurship fun!

Learn about the gig economy and how it is so much more than just becoming an Uber driver!

Raise kids who contribute to society without being entitled or spoiled!

Show your kids how to create opportunities to work and serve even if they are too young to get a job or volunteer!

Check Out Your Amazing Expert Speakers

Greg Denning

Raising Goal Oriented kids who are prepared for the uncertain but definitely coming economy. How to train your children for success.

Bolaji Oyejide

Raising Heroic Kids: How To Help Kids Discover Their Superpowers - So That They Can One Day Change The World

Carla White

Raising young entrepreneurs by encouraging their natural strengths and creativity. Raising kids who value productivity.

Alison J Prince

Business Ideas for Kids and Families, and Why Entrepreneurship for Kids is the New Cultural Shift Families Need to Consider.

Dan McCabe

Teaching parents how to teach their kids about how money works in the real world.

Tobe Brockner

Preparing Your Kids for the Gig Economy

Holly Homer

Kids & allowances -- how we have managed it and the results

Kate & Val Favstov

Managing Feelings About Money Management

Nephi Zufelt

Purpose-Driven Outward-Looking Entrepreneurship.  Creation vs. Consumption

Kathy Mellor

Entrepreneurship Skills and Growing Emotional Intelligence

Nicholeen Peck

The Heart of Good Business

Patricia Clahar

Preparing our Kids for the Gig Economy. Entrepreneurship Skills for Kids

Jamie Atkinson

Kids Publishing and Social Media

Molly Christensen

Raising Kids Who GET Money: How we've helped our kids learn to manage money, and get their own!

Cody Loughlin

The Power and Importance of Having a Business Plan

SJ Barakony

Entrepreneurship Skills for Kids and Money Management for Kids
My husband, Michael and I had followed that path to quote-unquote security. We went to college and worked hard. We served missions and got the internship. We got the degrees. We started our family. We aimed high. 

Hundreds of job applications, networking, and investing in job training…and we floundered. 

With four little kids at home and Michael gone all day at a toxic corporate job, we were drowning in debt and depression just to survive the day-to-day grind.

Is THIS the American Dream??
This system had failed us. We were living in one of the most expensive areas of the country and we couldn’t get out.

This was supposed to be the American dream! We did everything we were “supposed” to do. We checked all the “right” boxes. 

We looked to the future and could only see a lifetime commitment to a thankless job to pay off a mountain of debt. Our depression deepened.

The reality is, the system we had followed was merely the path to avoiding poverty, not the path to personal or financial freedom. I needed to find a way out. 

I needed to rescue my family from this prison, not only to get away from the relentless day-do-day struggle, but to save our kids from making the same mistakes.
We live in a culture so blinded by the anti-poverty path that people are willing to buy their children’s college admissions! To what end?! 

We have a whole generation of kids who aren’t launching into adulthood. They are swimming in college debt and can’t afford to get entry-level positions. Is this where my kids were headed? 

There has to be a better way!
How could we possibly justify teaching our own kids to follow this same path?? 

How were we going to teach them to do anything different if we didn’t know what else to do? 

We could not entrust our kids to that same system that taught us that we are worthless.

I started researching how to make money online and become an entrepreneur. 

I studied personal development, business, parenting, and home education. 

I started a podcast about family culture to ask experts what it takes to create a new culture for our family that would bring us lasting freedom and success. 

What I’ve discovered has changed my life. 

We live in a time when innovation and creativity is the path to unlimited potential, but our education system is trapped in the industrial age! 

In order to combat this, we have to be willing to get creative and innovative ourselves. We have to intentionally develop a culture in our own families that encourages creativity and trust. 

This is our legacy.
Bring Your Family Into The Innovation Age
Who doesn't want their children to be independent and happy?

Wouldn't it be amazing if their happiness came with the knowledge of creating a thriving business?

What if your kids grew up understanding personal finance and how to be financially independent? 

How awesome would it be if a whole generation of kids were bent on serving others as a means for their livelihood?? 

If you don't know how to do these things, it's not your fault. Our culture is dominated by consumerism and bent on upholding the anti-poverty lifestyle.

The goal of this summit is to learn how to create a new culture for your family that will create space for your children to develop these amazing skills!

More than 15 incredible speakers will cover important topics of business, innovation, and entrepreneurship for kids and families during this Summit:
  • Money management for kids
  • ​Business ideas for kids
  • ​Innovation and creativity culture
  • ​Preparing our kids for the gig economy
  • ​Entrepreneurship skills to teach our kids
  • ​Raising our kids to be goal-oriented
  • ​Raising kids who serve others
  • ​Resources for young business owners
  • ​and More!!
Get the tools and resources that will allow your family to build a culture of innovation, creativity, service, and solid work-ethic!

Summit Speaker Topics:

  • Money management for kids
  • ​Business ideas for kids
  • ​Innovation and creativity culture
  • ​Preparing our kids for the gig economy
  • ​Entrepreneurship skills for kids
  • ​Raising our kids to be goal-oriented
  • ​Raising kids who serve others
  • ​Resources for young business owners
  • ​and More!!
Get the tools and resources that will allow your family to build a culture of innovation, creativity, service, and solid work-ethic!

Biz Ideas for Kids & Families Ebook

Included in your registration is an ebook these expert speakers and I collaborated to create. It is a collection of business ideas for kids and families. FREE with every registration!
Thanks again for joining me here! I look forward to an amazing experience!
Jodi Chaffee
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