Our Modern Heritage: The Home & Family Culture Podcast
with Host Jodi Chaffee
Episode 074 with Kalyn Sherwood L.C.S.W
Discover The Secret Of Raising Goal-Oriented Kids!
Without Destroying Their Individuality!
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What's In This Episode?
In the first part of our conversation, Kalyn and I talked about amazing ways to cope with discussing difficult topics with our children! Parents need to do their own inner work to create an environment that is consistent with their values. We can't just say that we have an open mind and will save space for our kids to be vulnerable, we need to actually do it! You can listen to this on your favorite podcasting app!

In the rest of the discussion, after we concluded the episode, we continued to dig deeper into the topics we discussed. Kalyn taught me all about how to allow space for our kids to pursue goals without stifling their freedom and individuality! We also discussed the importance of mentors. We went even deeper into the importance of being process-oriented. There is so much more to learn in the rest of the episode that you don't want to miss!!

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