The Family Success


       Stuck in a Family

         Traffic Jam?

Not sure where you're headed or whether your family is going to make it in the long run?

That can be a scary realization.

Family life is messy and sometimes confusing. Some say there is no handbook for how to raise your kids or have a lasting marriage.

Are you ready for the tools and tactics for your family success?


           I'm Jodi

I was stuck on a path I had been told all my life would lead to happiness and success. You know the one: go to school, get good grades, get a "marketable" degree, and then find a job, climb the ladder, start a family, buy a house, etc. etc. etc.

By all accounts, I was on the right path, but I hit a dead end and no one tells you what to do if that path fails you

My husband, Michael and I decided to do things differently: homeschool, self-employment, mindful living, etc. but we didn't have anything to model after, no expert advice to guide us through.

We Refused to Give Up...                     

                            But It Wasn't Easy

               But It Wasn't Easy

Michael and I were strapped with student debt, we had consumer debt for the first time and we were scared

We felt totally alone and abandoned when we stopped following the mainstream traffic jam to forge a new path

But we also had kids to worry about raising in a culture that felt dark and aimless. Would we fail at this?

Your family culture
cultivating a successful family takes intentionality

That's Why I Started Exploring How The Narrative I'd Believed In All My Life Was Broken. I Learned To Say No To The Dominant Culture, and Started Shaping My Family Culture With Intention.

I started my podcast to explore what family culture is and collecting tools and tactics for living with intention, shaping my family values and norms around a new narrative and a new definition of success for my family!

The Family Success Toolbox is my collection of the tools and resources from my guests over the 120+ episodes I've recorded. These are the tools and frameworks that work to help you navigate your family culture, and perform the required maintenance to keep your culture vehicle running smoothly!

You'll also be given access to the Family Culture Hackers Facebook group once you've opted in. This is where you'll get more social support with other Culture Hackers like you, and additional insights and resources!

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You're in good company
Become part of the movement to bring families back to the center for cultural change and growth. Your family can be the epicenter for developing positive change that our world desperately needs.

The tools inside of the Family Success Toolbox will give you insight and direction to follow your goals, and navigate your family culture journey.

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